Fashion Advice For Contemporary Women Over Fifty

If you’re a woman who is over fifty, you’ve probably heard all the old standard fashion advice for ‘mature’ women. Wear turtlenecks, they cover up wrinkled necks. Wear your skirts below your knee, it’s more age appropriate. You’re too old to wear long hair, it ages you. The list goes on. Well, that list is antiquated. Throw it out. Today’s 50-plus woman doesn’t have to give up her sense of… Read Article →

The Latest Couture Fashion Designers

“Couture” is quite a different category than just clothing or fashion clothing. In the world of style and high fashion, the top of the line, utmost fashion designs are most often referred to as couture. Being at the height of what is new, fashionably current and at the highest end of style to the point where you are even longed for by your fashion peers is to be “couture.” Couture… Read Article →

Fashion Do’s and Don’ts When House Hunting

Mark Nash author of 1001 Tips for Buying and Selling a Home offers homebuyers fashion home runs and strikeouts when shopping for a home. It might not be obvious that what you wear when house hunting can impact what you pay for a home. Years of showing homes and introducing prospective buyers to home sellers, the way buyers project themselves fashion-wise makes a big impression. First impressions by real estate… Read Article →

The New Face Of Fashion!

As more plus size fashionable clothes are available in the market, there has been an increase in the number of stores which offer these clothes. Source by nishalmshah

The Famous Fashion Bloggers

One can attract any age of women with fashion if they do it right. But trend of blogging is welcoming the younger bloggers. They are very successful. There is much traffic on their blogs on daily basis. Very near to Dallas, particularly trophy club, one daily blogger of fashion has set her new personal page “Sea of Shoes” with the very young start of 16; Jane Aldrige has started blogging… Read Article →

70S Fashion

The generation of party-goers during the 70s liked it loud, big and outrageous. They wanted their parties to be extremely flashy and ridiculously phenomenal. They created dance moves that were characteristically representative of that decade such as the famous hustle, the bump, electric slide, etc. Imagine people rocking these moves in their big flouncing flared shirts and pants ensemble and you can definitely conclude that during that decade people did… Read Article →